Balanced Birth Doula

Balanced Birth Doula Services provides professional and certified Birth Doula support for labour and postpartum, Breastfeeding support, Prenatal Education, and Birth Photography.  The business is owned and operated by Heather Hill.

About Heather...

I have always loved children and sought ways to support children and families to reach their fullest potential.  Prior to “doula-ing”, I worked as a social worker for 12 years.
I found my passion for birth as a became a mother to three beautiful children.  My first two children were born in hospital, naturally with minor interventions.  My third beauty was born at home, assisted by our two midwives, my husband and our dearest friend.  After experiencing my ideal birth, I wanted to support all women to achieve the best birth possible.  

My Philosophy...

I believe that women are empowered by knowledge.  Women and their partners make the best decisions for their birth and their baby when they are informed.  

The birth of your child will be life changing, and the birth experience will be remembered by you, forever. By balancing information about birth options with your specific desires and needs, you will have an empowered and balanced birth.

Informed decision making, combined with flexibility and intuition are key to having a positive birth experience.

My Experience....

I am a Certified Birth Doula with DONA International CD(DONA).  I completed my training in February 2011, and received my certification in August 2012. In April 2018 I also completed my certification as a Holistic Doula with the Matrona Institute.

I have attended over 125 births, and work with a maximum of 3 families per month.

I am a current member with the Doula Association of Edmonton, DONA International, Alberta Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth, and Alberta College of Registered Social workers.  I am currently the Chairperson for the Doula Association of Edmonton.

I have taked a Lamaze based Childbirth Educator Program.  I co-teach a childbirth educaion workshop with Doula Care at the Lucina Birth Centre in Edmonton.

I have experience supporting single mothers, VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean), pregnancy after IVF, birth defects, vaginal breech birth, water birth, home birth and hospital birth, and cesarean birth.  I have been trained in accupressure techniques during labour and I use a Rebozo to offer comfort during labour. I have a birth pool available for clients use.  I support you with focused breathing techniques and physical positioning optimal for birth.  I have experience and training in breastfeeding. 


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