Balanced Birth Doula

              Birth Ball Cover & Tote Bag

Among many challenges faced in a doula career, one of the most practical is how to carry your birth ball (common exercise ball) to prenatal appointments and a birth. 

Or maybe you would like it to look pretty, or stay clean while it is bouncing around your home!

 As a solution I have created a tote bag for an exercise ball.  It has a draw 
string at one end to hold your ball securely, while the other end has a handle so you can easily drape it over your shoulder.  It is made of washable fabric, so you can either use it solely as a tote or as a cover while your ball is in use.  It is super stretchy spandex material that can stretch over any size ball.

Please contact me at to place an order. 

Colours will vary, and samples are available upon request.  

See my Etsy store MadebyHeatherHill for current color choices, or to place an order through Etsy


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